Thursday, 3 December 2015

Well, it's to be Fran's dream cup final - Everton v Liverpool. With him and me on opposite sides. I look forward to much support from Os Porcos Bravos!

Do you know the blues song - St. James' Infirmary Blues? Well . .  A friend tells me that it's thought by some to be based on St James Hospital in Tollemache Road, Birkenhead. Less than a hop, skip and jump from where I was born in Devonshire Place. It's also said to have originated in an old (and explicit) English maritime song called The Unfortunate Rake. There's an a capella version of it here. Allegedly, the song also evolved into The Streets of Laredo. In fact, there are numerous derivatives and you can hear them all here. Including an anti-war anthem called The Green Fields of France. You could spend an entertaining hour or more there, deciding on your favourite version of the blues song. For me, it's Clapton and Dr John. Or maybe Hugh Laurie. Or possibly the version by the wonderfully named Fess Williams and His Royal Flush Orchestra. Or maybe that of George E. Lee's Novelty Singing Orchestra. Oh, I dunno. Pay your money and take your choice. Ain't the internet a truly wonderful thing?


  1. Primero las semis
    Everton v Manchester City
    Stoke v Liverpool

    Tenéis que eliminar a potters y arabians

    1. Tienes razón pero los resultados son obvios. . .

      Por cierto . . ¿fue mi blog posted dos veces? No puedo determinarlo.

  2. Merseyside Capital One Cup final still on as Liverpool FC and Everton avoid each other in semi-final draw
    Three finals in the 80`s, three times won Liverpool

  3. Can't we just leave the tittle of the blog to; "A Scoucer Lost!"

  4. BTW, congratulations on taking up another challange with which to blog the world...

  5. Can´t, mi amigo. Am under orders from a Galician nationalist . . .