Sunday, 13 December 2015

Languages; New FB friends; Elections; & A Challenge.

SPANISH: If you check the dictionary options for Spanish in Open Office (and, I assume, Word) there are at least 16 for English. But Spanish is even more profligate, with at least 20. French, though, is pretty pathetic at only 5. Even German has 6. A reflection of a centrally managed state, perhaps.

NEW FACEBOOK FRIENDS: I've now sent requests to about 15 barely-dressed young women who have Liked this blog. And most of them have accepted me. Strangely, though, all of them seem to know each other and to read the same things, all related to Os Porcos Bravos and the AngloGalician Cup Facebook page. Quite a coincidence. I should just add that one or two of them appear to have no connection to either Galiza or to the AGC folk. Or to know me from a hole in the ground. However, they've still accepted my request. Must be my charm.

ELECTION PROMISES: Before the last general elections in 2011, the PP party promised they wouldn't raise taxes if they got in.Which they did. And then raised taxes by €17billion. This time round, they're promising something even better; they're going to reduce everyone's taxes. I'm guessing this will turn out to be twice as reliable as last time.

FINALLY . . . AN INSUPERABLE CHALLENGE: I went to the Turismo in Veggie Square yesterday to get some Camino brochures. They said they didn't have these as one of the other 3 or 4 tourists places in town had them. They represented the municipality of Pontevedra – not the Rías Baixas area, the Pontevedra province or the Galiza region. But they couldn't tell me which one did. 

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