Monday, 7 December 2015

A NEW GRAPE: The owner of my regular bar has introduced me to the caiño grape, from which a red wine is produced in my neighbouring barrio of Barro, under the Moraima label. Excellent. Try and get hold of a bottle and check it out.

THE DECEMBER 20 (20D) ELECTIONS: It's reported that 42% of voters are still undecided, with only 12 days to go. All to play for, then. Amusing to see a PP poster saying simply that they will reduce taxes for everyone, if re-elected. Except for those for whom they won't, of course.

OUR LOVELY LIBRARY: Pontevedra's library is spread over 3 floors - Kids, Lending and Reference. I love it for this reason but mostly because it's just like libraries were when, as a kid, I used to visit my step-grandfather in the one he worked in – quiet. Well, not just quiet but silent. The only noise ever heard is the staff whispering to borrowers. I'm not suggesting that libraries are the only places in Spain where the noise level is not a problem for foreigners but they might well be. Incidentally, our library is open until 2am during exam times.

FINALLY: Don't overlook my other blog – Thoughts from Galicia. Which this morning is dedicated to bullfighting.

For the Pontevedra English Speaking Society, contact Dylan on 607 803 151 or 986 861 070. Calle Echegaray, 16 3D.

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  1. In Main We Trust
    I'm not suggesting that libraries are the only places in Galiza