Friday, 4 December 2015

SPAM EMAILS: One I got this morning - from a Mrs Carleen Cardiack - calls me My sweety bear. How nice. But I'm still not going to send her any cash.

A FUNNY NIGHT: We had a pasta meal at the Pontevedra English Speaking Society dinner last night. As ever, I added lots of cayenne pepper. And, as ever, the result was a series of vivid dreams, some of them ruder than others.

FACEBOOK FRIENDS: I've now sent requests to all the pretty women who've liked my earlier posts here. I'm not convinced they're the ladies they say they are - especially the one with a Galician name living in Saigon - but, hey, I've got nothing to lose. I wonder how they choose their false fotos. And whether their owners know their pix are being 'borrowed'.

PONTEVEDRA - A GOLDEN OLDIE: Remember the phony bum? From 2005: House prices rose by an average 14% in 2004, though with major differences between cities and regions. For some reason – too much bloody building going on? – the 4% increase in Pontevedra was one of the lowest in the country. Needless to say, the Pontevedra town council has claimed it's their enlightened policies which have kept the rate of property increases to amongst the lowest in Spain. Hmm.

FINALLY: Don't overlook my other blog - Thoughts from Galicia. Which I now have to write.


  1. La creciente de este invierno pasado ha acumulado una enorme cantidad de troncos contra el muelle, en esta parte del puente.
    Hay gallegas hasta en Vietnam
    no ladremos a la luna