Thursday, 3 December 2015

HEINEKEN BEER: Here's a video likely to appeal to most of the readers of this blog:

PONTEVEDRA PROBLEMS: This beautiful city in Galiza is where I live. Here are some of the challenges I have to face on a daily basis:-
  • Too many pretty women
  • Too many tactile women
  • Too many tapas bars, complicating choice
  • Ditto wines
  • Low prices that encourage you to eat and drink too much
  • Too many foreigners - especially Brits - now coming here in summer.

READERS OF THIS BLOG: It's a strange thing that most of the people who liked my first post yesterday were pretty women, several of them barely dressed. Can this be true or are some of the Porcos Bravos using phony fotos?

FINALLY: Don't forget that I have another blog - Thoughts from Galicia. Which I now have to write. Click here for this.