Friday, 11 December 2015

Sp. Service; Local corruption; & Pensions;

SPANISH SERVICE: It's a global truism that the best thing about Spain is the Spaniards. Seeing how friendly they are, it's sometimes impossible to imagine there could ever have been a civil war here. In fact, it would be hard to imagine them even arguing with anyone, if it wasn't for the fact they're always arguing with each other. Especially on the TV. But, anyway, one wonderful aspect of this is how personal the service can be in places were you go regularly. So it is that the guy in the shop where I take my sewing challenges (la costurera) treats me as a long lost friend, greeting me as 'David'. Because I use this instead of 'Colin', for at least 2 reasons. Yesterday, I noted he'd given me a receipt with both my forename and surname on it – 'David David'. Which was nice. But it could have been 'David Son of David', following my explanation to him last time of what Davies(Welsh), O'David(Irish) and MacDavid(Scottish) all mean.

LOCAL CORRUPTION: In my Thoughts from Galicia blog today, I quote Baltasar Garzón on municipal corruption. What I don't say there is that he cites these as the town halls which refuse to provide details of their expenditure: Algeciras, Badalona, Benidorm, Cáceres, Córdoba, Elche, Guadalajara, Huelva, Jaén, Las Rozas, Leganés and PONTEVEDRA. One wonders why. But I did see the police carting away boxes of documents from our Ayuntamiento a few weeks ago.

PENSIONS: Can anyone tell me how come the average pension in As Pontes is €1200 per month but is only €580 in Quintela de Larado? Are these things decided at the very local level? And do they depend on the very local economy or the state of the very local finances? Is there no national norm or minimum?

FINALLY: Don't overlook my other - less locally focused - blog – Thoughts from Galicia. 

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