Thursday, 17 December 2015

Rajoy's retribution; Rajoy's nice insult; & .Galician weather

RAJOY: The Spanish president was clouted by a fine left hook last night in Pontevedra and the city today hung its head in shame. Not that you'd notice. The perpetrator was described variously as a schizophrenic and a 'troubled young man' who'd been moved from private school to private school because of his capacity to cause trouble. And he turned out to be a relative of Mrs Rajoy. What a nice irony.

INSULTS: During the 'debate' on Monday night, one of the these chucked at his opponent by said Sr. Rajoy was ruin. This was new to me and I was amused to see the following English equivalents: 1. mean, cheap, cruel, contemptible, shallow, heartless, callous, stingy, vicious, small, sneaky, a louse; and – best of all – a dastardly villain. So, this little word packs quite a punch.

GALICIAN WEATHER: Thanks to our Indian summer – un veranillo de San Martín - I'm still wearing a linen summer jacket that I planned to throw away months ago. This can't go on, surely. It's beginning to look rather threadbare. And it's not enough when the sun disappears behind a cloud or a building. I'll be relieved when winter finally arrives.

FINALLY: Don't overlook my other - less locally focused - blog – Thoughtsfrom Galicia. 

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  1. Os gobernos e as administracións no poden actuar ao marxe da lei por moi bos fins que manifesten perseguir. E na actualidade, a diferencia dos tempos de Thomas More, sobre os regulamentos e as leis atópanse as constitucións e os tratados internacionais que obligan aos xestores do poder represivo a respetar uns límites (sen dúbida insuficientes para os individuos) que foron postos para garantir a liberdade de todos, si, tamén a dos malos. Porque a súa liberdade é un ben que todos temos a obriga de defender.

  2. Cuídense de los falsos profetas, que vienen a ustedes con vestidos de ovejas, pero por dentro son lobos rapaces.
    A lingua dun País non é un xoguete