Saturday, 12 December 2015

Galician Politics; Castellano; & The AVE.

GALICIAN POLITICS: El País says there are grietas en el viejo feudo of the PP party here in Galiza. And that this threatens the presidential ambitions of our very own President Feijoo. It would be nice if one of my Galego readers could expand on this, in whatever language.

CASTELLANO: The normal word for 'death' is muerte. But yesterday I came across defunción(es). I guess it's more polite or formal, as it was accompanied by nacimientos, or 'births'.

THE AVE HIGH SPEED TRAIN: Brussels has criticised Madrid for its handling of this vast investment. Here in Galiza we're being told it will arrive 'shortly' but my guess is still 2018 at the earliest. Or ten years late. That said, there's clearly consideration being given to the option of 'suspending' current works and bricking up the tunnels, as down in Murcia. Otherwise, why would it be reported that it would be more expensive to do this than to complete the extension of the existing line from Castilla y León?

FINALLY: Don't overlook my other - less locally focused - blog – Thoughts from Galicia. 

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