Monday, 21 December 2015

Languages; Dogs; The Elections; & The Weather here.

LANGUAGES: There are readers who send me comments in Gallego/Galego. I don't understand them – or at least not fully – which makes it all a bit ironic. Especially as some of them, I suspect, are criticisms or even insults. I wonder what goes through their minds. Apart from annoyance at some (perceived) view of mine.

DOGS: My experience with feeding those which have been abandoned in our nearby woods and formed themselves into packs is that saffron rice is not something they're prepared to eat. Even if they're half-starved. Of course, I would't even bother to try to get a cat to eat it.

THE ELECTIONS: THE DAY AFTER: So, no one won. Everyone lost. Fascinating. The final end of Francoism and a 'centre-right' party with far-right elements?? The resignations of the leaders of both the PP and the PSOE parties?? Vamos a ver.

GALICIAN WEATHER: Today is the winter equinox, I think. Despite that, I will once again be wearing my linen summer jacket. The one that is now fraying at the sleeve ends because of unexpected over-use. I'm not betting on a white Xmas..

FINALLY: Don't overlook my other - less locally focused - blog – Thoughtsfrom Galicia

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